Manarat Al Riyadh International School Uniform


The Manarat Al Riyadh International School Uniform is a distinguished emblem of unity and pride, representing the excellence that reigns within our esteemed institution. Crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail, this regal garb epitomizes the core values we hold dear - discipline, respect, and academic rigor. In its pristine formality lies an unspoken commitment to upholding traditions while embracing progress. The crisp white shirt signifies purity of thought and purpose, symbolizing the clarity with which our students approach their studies. Paired elegantly with navy blue trousers or skirts, it exudes sophistication and professionalism that prepares them for the challenges that lie ahead in their educational journey. Adorned with a crest bearing our iconic logo on the chest pocket - a beacon of intellectual enlightenment - it serves as an emblematic reminder of our collective aspirations towards knowledge acquisition and personal growth. As students don these uniforms day after day, they become ambassadors not only for themselves but also for Manarat Al Riyadh International School – embodying its vision through every fiber meticulously woven into this distinctive attire.


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